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Charity Golf Raises 87 million kip for schools (February 2020)

Rice Support for Flooded Farmers (December 2019)

• Irrigation Upgrade Boosts Hinboun Farmers (December 2019)

• Khounkham Radio On Air (November 2019)

Khamkeuth Products Make World Food Day Market (October 2019)

• THPC Supports Blood Donation (August 2019)

• Burned House on the Mend with THPC Help (June 2019)

• Khounphet Villagers Celebrate Tree-Planting Day (June 2019)

• THPC Aids Flood Recovery in Hinboun and Khounkham (May 2019)

• New Bridge to Help Secure Khounkham Development (May 2019)

• THPC Golf Tournament Raises 100m Kip for Flood Victims (January 2019)

• Govt Acknowledges Theun-Hinboun Expansion’s Contribution (November 2018)

Maid for a Brighter Future (August 2018)

Trades Union Medal Awarded to THPC (June 2018)

• Phaxang Villagers Increase Green Area (June 2018)

Agriculture Centres Offer Chance for Development (May 2018)

• Villagers at Theun-Hinboun Gain Land Security (May 2018)

Hydro companies power up technical student awareness (April 2018)

20th Anniversary of Operations (March 2018)

THPC and Golfers Help Blind School and Chess Players (January 2018)

• Farmers Get Help Reaching Fields (December 2017)

• School is about more than classes (November 2017)

• Govt cites THPC "good performance" (August 2017)

Villagers Take Ownership of New Homes and Services (July 2017)

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