THPC works with a range of partners.

At government level, close cooperation is maintained with branches of the Ministry of Energy and Mines to ensure compliance with Lao policy and laws. Relations with our local partners at provincial and district levels in Bolikhamxay and Khammouane are also essential to the smooth running of operations and to enable constant dialogue with people in the project area.

Power from the plant is purchased by two customers, Electricité du Laos (EDL) and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand.
Various partners have provided assistance in setting up and implementing the array of social and environmental programmes designed to boost local development and protect the surrounding ecosystems. These include the ADB, wildlife protection agencies and various NGOs working in rural development, health and other sectors.

Links to the websites of some of these partners are provided below.

Lao PDR Ministry of Energy and Mines:
Department of Electricity 
Department of Energy Business

Electricité du Laos (EDL)
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

Wildlife Conservation Society
World Wildlife Fund
National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute
Basic Needs

Partnerships are key to the success of a complex project such as Theun-Hinboun, which works on various levels of industrial production, business development, social planning, provision of public services, environmental conservation, and natural resource management.

Close partnerships with local people and authorities are essential, and THPC maintains offices in resettlement villages and in the district towns of Khounkham and Lak Xao so that dialogue is always open. Project area residents are able to register their needs or grievances with THPC staff, who in turn maintain coordination with village, district, and provincial services in both Bolikhamxay and Khammouane to ensure delivery of program commitments.

At central level the company has strong links with government departments such as the Ministry of Energy and Mines and with line ministries that help deliver services in the project area: health, education and transport. THPC has forged partnerships with international organizations to deliver specialized services in these sectors, including Basic Needs and Save the Children. To help frame appropriate responses in villages, the company also works with various Lao civil society organizations such as COPE, the Don Khoi Children's Development Centre, and PADETC.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment monitors THPC performance in terms of water quality in the project area and downstream, and also provides assistance in framing environmental protection measures in surrounding forest. International conservation agencies, in particular the Wildlife Conservation Society have also given valuable assistance and advice in this area.

Close relations are maintained with THPC's two customers EGAT and EDL, and of course with the company shareholders, all of whom provide services that help project operations.

 partnersThe Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is one of the partners providing specialized services within the THPC project. Staff from the Integrated Ecosystem and Wildlife Management Project, in which WCS is a leading partner, together patrol national conservation areas around Theun-Hinboun and also deliver education on wildlife protection to local people. (Photo courtesy WCS)