The Theun-Hinboun project is monitored at a variety of levels to ensure technical safety and accuracy, compliance with environmental standards and policies, and to measure progress or identify difficulties with implementing social programs and attaining income and well-being targets.

Monitoring is conducted by:

• The Lenders' Technical Advisors (LTA)
The LTA expert panel visit the project on a quarterly basis to review progress across the site. The LTA members report back to the lending banks and THPC on the technical, safety, social and environmental aspects of company work. THPC is bound to act on the recommendations of the LTA so that the project remains compliant with the expectations of its backers, notably according to the Equator Principles.

• THPC Social & Environmental Division (SED)
SED units and field staff routinely collect specific data as part of their duties, particularly regarding livelihoods restoration and health status among resettled villagers. SED commissions an annual survey of all project villages, carried out by independent researchers with government and THPC staff who gather data on socio-economic development and health. Results are published on the THPC website. Surveys help determine whether villagers are on track in meeting income targets and satisfying other key indicators set to measure their status and the sustainability of their evolving situation. If shortcomings are identified, adjustments can then be made to SED programs.

• Government
THPC reports to and regularly receives visits from various government bodies including the Environmental Management Unit of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, provincial and district resettlement and restoration committees, resettlement/relocation management units and district working groups.

• Banks
The Lenders themselves, including a previous funder, the Asian Development Bank, make annual visits to the project area to examine progress and discuss any outstanding issues with SED management.

THPC has established an Independent Panel of Experts to audit the company's performance on social and environmental commitments. The panel began their work in February 2015. The terms of reference for the panel are available in Lao and in English.