NG Dam and PowerhouseTransform THXP Dec 2011 0842

Reservoir Full Supply Level 455 metres above sea level
Max Effective Storage Volume       2,262 million cubic metres
Roller Compacted Concrete Dam 65 m high (upstream face); 480 m long
Dam Discharge Capacity 10,700 m3 (five radial gates)
Net Head 47 m
Turbines 2 x 30-MW Francis Units: 60 MW for domestic use

 TH Dam and PowerhouseInlet valve

Reservoir Full Supply Level 400 metres above sea level
Reservoir Operating Volume   29 million m3
Net Head 230 m
Concrete Gravity Free-Overflow Weir         27 m high; 330 m long (weir and gates combined)
Two Concrete-Lined Headrace Tunnels Length: 5,289 m and 5,496 m
Turbines two 120-MW Francis Units (original project - turbines upgraded)
one 220-MW Francis Unit (expansion project)

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