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July 2012, Xaychamphone District, Bolikhamxay, Lao PDR

About half the income of families in Keosenkham, a new village on the shore of the Gnouang Reservoir, now comes from fish. Since the villagers moved here, obtaining food and cash has not been a problem. Instead, managing this valuable resource is the challenge.

Mr Xiangkan a member of the Village Fishery Group set up to protect the reservoir fishery says THPC brought villagers, traders and local officials together to set up fishing access and trade regulations.

Mr Xiangkhan says, "our regulations need to be enforced. We must improve management of the reservoir and the watershed. At the moment we are making money, but we must use THPC assistance to make sure this lasts in the long term".

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Mr Xiangkhan says that with the help of THPC and the district, the villagers can protect
the fishery

THXP Dec 2011 0451

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