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THPC's investment in community infrastructure is making a huge contribution to socio-economic development in the project area.

Each of the resettlement villages features a purpose-built primary school, a clinic, access roads and supply of clean water and electricity to each household. In addition to private housing, community buildings such as village halls and temples have been constructed and roads to the national highway upgraded. Additional schools and clinics have been built where required by local authorities.

To aid agriculture, demonstration centres and nurseries have installed at strategic points around the project area and irrigation systems set up have been newly built or renovated and expanded around both resettlement and relocation villages.

THPC has spent over US$60 million on its SED programs so far, with much of this sum used for provision of public infrastructure that gives people and communities better opportunities for the future. However, the company sees the supply of new buildings and equipment only as the beginning in a gradual process of development that requires long-term input to help people adapt to new livelihoods and establish sustainable systems.

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