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THPC strives for transparency in its operations and makes as much documentation as possible available for public consultation.

The main resources available concern the various assessments and surveys carried out to assess environmental and social impacts, the plans set out to mitigate such impacts, and the results of the constant monitoring on THPC performance in these vital areas of the project. Documents are listed according to their date: the Planning page gives access to documents developed before or at the beginning of the Expansion Project construction, while the Implementation page lists reports on progress made during the construction and operation phases of the project.

News, reports and brochures on the project can be downloaded, along with various human interest features on people on the project area. THPC has in the past received letters from environmental advocacy groups alleging infringement of company obligations, and the company's responses to these letters are also published here.

If you cannot find the documents you are looking for, please contact THPC. Note that details of financial performance and contracts remain subject to disclosure agreements with project partners and are not released to the general public.