In 2021, THPC commenced its new Professional Trainees Program that offers on-the-job training to recent university engineering graduates to assist them in preparing for their future professions. This program will develop real engineering and technical skills for young engineers who desire to work in the hydropower industry of Laos.  In the future trainee programs, THPC intends to expand the graduates to include other profession fields such as IT and finance/accounting as well as engineering.

The trainee program is a 12-month program with the option to be extended for another 12 months if required by THPC.  The trainee contract provides a basic monthly salary and all benefits that are provided to full-time THPC staff.  At the completion of the program, THPC will issue a certificate of completion of the trainee program that the trainee can use to find a position in the hydropower sector, or some other engineering sector, in Laos.  In addition, there is a possibility that the trainees could be offered a full-time position within THPC, if there is an opening within THPC.

The first class of THPC’s Professional Trainee Program, which stated in late 2021, has nine engineering graduates that include three female engineers and two engineers who are from the local villages and they all work within the Operations & Maintenance Division of THPC.


“This is a very good opportunity to start my career as an Electrical Engineer” Mr. Souliya Phommalin, a trainee from local village, and “I will try my best learn the skills and experience from his trainers and co-workers because this is an only chance for him to become a permanent staff of one of the top organizations in the country like THPC.” Mr. Souliya graduated from Theun-Hinboun Private School in 2016 and then spent four years to study at NUOL, in Hydropower Sector under Electrical Engineering.