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  • Waste and pollution control measures are standard practice for operation of hydropower plants and THPC has systems in place that are consistent with international practices and build on the experience from the ongoing operation of the plant. Over time waste management measures have been expanded and improved to cover a range of needs, including disposal of waste from operations (hazardous and other waste) and from the operator’s camps and also assisting local communities such as resettlement and relocation villages with waste management.

    The environmental waste management awareness program for the resettlement and relocation villages will continue to be addressed as part of the community engagement programs. THPC has waste collection services for its main site, disposing of the waste at the Khounkham landfill facility, built by THPC and handed over to DoNRE in 2017. THPC operates a facility for the safe handling and storage of hazardous waste, and environmental teams continue to work with all departments to manage all waste appropriately, primarily through recycling whereas possible.

    Recycling is undertaken wherever possible and waste from the THPC camp is segregated. Recycling at the Khounkham landfill facility has been successfully handed over to independent contractors following THPC’s establishment of cost recovery systems. Recycling activities in resettlement and relocation villages are supported by THPC community development teams.