LDWC2015 2

An LDWDC trainee manufacturing an improved                    cooking stove, one of the centre’s new products                     in 2015.

LDWC2015 1THPC has renewed its support to the Lao Disabled Women’s Development Centre (LDWDC) in Vientiane, providing a cheque for US$2,000 on August 21. The donation was presented to the Centre’s Director, Mrs Chanpheng Sivila, who described some of the progress made at the centre over the past year. 

A new building was opened in 2014 to welcome visitors and showcase the products made by women at the centre. Mrs Chanpheng explained that the centre now receives many visitors, including those who arrive through regular study tours organized by schools, kindergartens and universities. 

The centre has adopted a specially-designed curriculum for its trainees this year, and now offers a six-month course that gives disabled people a foundation in six essential subjects. The course was developed in conjunction with Pakpasak Technical College and the Ministry of Education to help busy women learn what they need for starting a small business or improving employment opportunities in a shorter time. The LDWDC previously ran year-long courses but many women needed to return to their families before the training was completed.

Mrs Chanpheng said the Centre has built a strong network with businesses around the country and is able to provide support to trainees after they complete the course, linking up disabled women with potential employees. Through the Lao Disabled Women’s Association, the Centre is also setting up a second training centre in Attapeu, run by former LDWDC students.


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