In April 2015 LTHPC Sept 2012 0323ao National Radio broadcast four programmes made in Ban Keosenkham, one of the resettlement villages built by THPC around the Nam Gnouang Reservoir. 

These programmes were made by the Government Office Media Department as part of a training exercise to improve their reporting skills. Excerpts from the four programmes are available below.

The first file is a special report that explains the Government Office Media Department training exercise. The other three files are news features recorded in Keosenkham, with the general title viek dee khun den or “Good Work, Outstanding People”.

Programme 1 - Special Report

The Deputy Head of the Government Office, Ms Viengsavanh Douangsavanh, explains about the Media Department training. This is their second such training programme and the subject chosen is hydropower development. The team is therefore looking at Theun-Hinboun.

Programme 2: Pig-Raising a New Opportunity in Keosenkham

This feature story includes an interview with the village head of Ban Keosenkham, Mr Somsack Inkeomanivong, who compares life in the new resettlement village with how it was in the old villages. He describes how the new infrastructure, services and training have transformed the opportunities available to the community. One example is an improved pig-raising initative in the village, sponsored by THPC, which is helping several families secure a good income.

Programme 3: New Life in Keosenkham

The second feature from Keosenkham features Mr Khamkhiao Veanvongsoth, from the THPC Agricultural Demonstration Centre, who describes how villagers can choose various farming activities sponsored by the company including rice, cash crops such as mushrooms and animal husbandry.

Programme 4: Fishery at Keosenkham

The last programme in this series explores how the villagers use the fishery in the Nam Gnouang Reservoir as a major pillar in their livelihoods. One of the villagers, Mr Xiengkhan Chantavisouk, explains that the fishery has given him a much better lifestyle than was possible before the resettlement to Keosenkham. Mr Xiengkhan is putting four children through upper secondary school and has also bought a car, which would not have been possible before. He explains how he fishes, and also has some advice for the authorities and the company on how to manage the fishery.

Magazine Article

The May 2015 issue of the Prime Minister's Office magazine, Nak Borikhan, also carried a feature on THPC's work in Keosenkham. Click above to download the story.