Tree19KhounphetWOn 31 May, villagers at Ban Khounphet in Khammouane province, together with staff from the Theun-Hinboun Power Company (THPC) and Khounkham district authority, planted 2,000 trees to mark National Plantation Day and World Environment Day.

THPC provided the saplings, which included fruit, ornamental and industrial species. Each family received saplings to plant in around house plots while volunteers planted trees in public areas such as the village school, temple, office and health centre. THPC staff also provided advice on how to correctly plant and care for the young trees.

Ahead of the activity Mr Soulideth Baomanikhoth, Deputy General Manager of THPC, said that “planting trees today will increase abundance for the community in the future, providing shade, fruit, and other resources while helping to keep the green character of the natural environment around the village”.

Khounphet is one of nine relocation villages built by THPC as compensation for longer annual flood periods following construction of the Theun-Hinboun hydropower expansion project, inaugurated in 2013. The project increase the amount of water in the Hai and Hinboun rivers, which can intensify natural flood cycles. Khounphet was the last relocation village built, providing new houses, public facilities and agricultural land on flood-safe ground. People from Thonglom, Nakhok and Fangdeng villages moved to the new site in 2016-17.

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Thakhek, 29 May 2019

The Theun-Hinboun Power Company (THPC) has donated 50 tonnes of rice seed to help people in Hinboun and Khounkham districts who lost crops to flooding during the 2018 wet season.HandOverW

Six districts of Khammouane province, including Khounkham and Hinboun, were particularly badly hit by flooding last year, with heavy seasonal rain exacerbated by tropical storms Son-Tinh and Bebinca. Over 1,150 households in Hinboun and 3,400 families in Khounkham suffered damaged rice fields and lost much of their staple crop.

Emergency aid from the government and international partners helped alleviate immediate problems caused by the floods, but farmers were concerned that with rice seed stocks depleted, they would not be able to plant crops for the 2019 season. THPC therefore responded to a request from Khammouane Province, donating 260 million kip to purchase rice seed for the two districts in its project area.

The Deputy General Manager of THPC, Mr Soulideth Baomanikhoth, officially handed over the donation to Mr Detsackda Manykham, Deputy Director of Khammouane Agriculture and Forestry Department. “THPC has a long-standing partnership with the people of Hinboun and Khounkham, and tries to provide help when needed,” said Mr Soulideth. “Such events affect people’s morale as well as their finances, and if we can share some of their burden then they can more quickly gain the strength to work through natural disasters”.

Mr Somchay Phetsynouan, Deputy Governor of Khammouane Province, described THPC as “a strong development partner in all aspects, which provides assistance whenever we have difficulties. After previous natural flooding disasters, they have given generous support through materials, food and transport for villagers and their belongings".

The floods were a nationwide problem in 2018 noted Mr Soulideth, and THPC has previously contributed 300 million kip to disaster relief efforts in Attapeu. “The people of Hinboun and Khounkham are our family”, he added, “so we are bound together in good times and in times of need”.

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Vientiane Times January 28, 2019

Theun-Hinboun Power Company (THPC) held its annual Charity Golf Tournament at the Long Vien Golf Club on Saturday to raise money for the thousands who lost their homes in July’s flood in Attapeu province. More than 60 golfers attended the event. Their efforts and generosity meant the company’s target of 60 million kip was far exceeded, and by the end of the day 100 million kip had been collected for donation to those who suffered in the flood.IMG 0847web

On behalf of THPC’s shareholders - EDL-Gen, SN Power and GMS International - company Chairman and Head of Office at the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Dr Daovong Phonekeo, welcomed golfers to the event. He said the tournament gave the various groups involved in Laos’ economic development the chance to meet socially and to strengthen their cooperation.

All of the event expenses were covered by THPC, with each participant contributing 1 million kip to take part in the tournament. All of the money donated by the golfers will be handed over to support ongoing relief efforts in Attapeu province. THPC previously contributed 300 million kip to flood relief efforts in the provinces through the Ministry of Energy and Mines and the Disaster Victims Assistance Fund at the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

THPC operates the Theun-Hinboun and Nam Gnouang Powerhouse in Khammuan and Borikhamxay provinces, with a combined capacity of 520MW. THPC is the only independent power producer that is majority Lao-owned and 97 percent of its staff are Lao nationals. The company’s business covers not only power production, but also innovative and wide-ranging social and environmental programnes across five districts in two provinces. THPC has contributed over US$580 million to the state since beginning operations in 1998.GolfAttapeuHandover

Results: Xayying Tongyertor lifted the trophy after seeing off other contenders and coming first in the Overall Low Gross and Low Gross score categories, while Thongsavanh Keokhounying won a cup with first place in the Overall Low Net category.

Note: The 100 million kip raised was handed over to Attapeu provincial authorities on January 31, 2019.


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Khounkham, May 24, 2019OldNamHaiBridgeW

Work has begun on a new bridge across the Hai River in Khounkham district, Khammouane, with the Theun-Hinboun Power Company (THPC) responding to local requests for better infrastructure. The new 50-metre long bridge, located near Nakham village on the road to Konglor Cave, will cost over US$800,000 and is expected to be ready for use in June 2020.

The bridge will replace an existing structure installed by THPC in 1996 to aid construction of the first Theun-Hinboun hydropower project. Following completion of that project, the district and provincial governments asked the company to leave the bridge in place as it made crossing the Nam Hai much easier for local people.

Over the last 20 years THPC has funded repairs to the bridge on several occasions as a contribution to the community. However, traffic along the road has increased dramatically in recent years, particularly with the growth of Konglor Cave as a tourist attraction and major contributor to the local economy. The old Bailey-style bridge is no longer fit for purpose and local authorities once more asked THPC for assistance.

THPC’s minority shareholders, GMS Power International and SN Power of Norway, agreed to support the district and local villages by funding the design and construction of a new bridge. THPC is administering their donation while supplying supervision services in partnership with Khammouane Province. The new design will support a double-lane road and pedestrian walkway and will be built just upstream of the existing bridge, requiring construction of over 300 metres of additional road to connect with the existing highway.

Following a tendering process the bridge contract was awarded to a partnership between Road No.8 Construction Enterprise and Tay Truong Son Construction.

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Vientiane, November 8, 2018AwardTHXPNov18 138

The government has acknowledged the contribution of the Theun-Hinboun Hydropower Expansion Project to national development with the award of the Lao PDR Labour Medal (second class).

The project has run smoothly since its inauguration in January 2013, allowing the Theun-Hinboun Power Company (THPC) to substantially increase both its contributions to state revenues and domestic electricity generation.

Deputy Prime Minister Somdy Duangdy presented the award to company representatives at a ceremony in Vientiane on Thursday. At the same time, civil servants from line ministries, provincial and district administrations received awards for their contribution to the success of AwardTHXPNov18 074Deth1the expansion project. These included Dr Khammany Inthirath, Minister of Energy and Mines, who served as chairman of THPC before becoming a minister, and who was also presented with the Labour Medal by Mr Somdy.

According to THPC’s Deputy General Manager, Soulideth Baomanikhoth, by October 2018 THPC had contributed over US$580 million to state coffers. As the majority shareholder in the company, EDL-Generation receives most of the profits from the company, which pays royalties and taxes directly to the government as well as dividends to the owners.

Significantly for the government, the expansion project was 100% funded by cash-flow from the original Theun-Hinboun project, meaning its construction required no extra investment by the government or EDL. During the expansion project THPC has invested over $110 million in social and environmental programmes across Khammouane and Bolikhamxay.

Mr Soulideth thanked the government for the support provided at all levels during the design, construction and operation of the expansion project, noting that the state’s acknowledgment of THPC’s contribution to national development comes at an auspicious time, while the company celebrates 20 years of operation.


AwardTHXPNov18 155AwardTHXPNov18 375AwardTHXPNov18 381

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