At the beginning of its Expansion Project THPC reassessed and reorganised its approach to social programs based on the premise that people living around the plant should become project beneficiaries, with community facilities and access to livelihood options that allow them to improve their living conditions and standards.

The company conducted an extensive dialogue process with local people and prepared a comprehensive Resettlement Action Plan in line with Asian Development Bank safeguard policies, the Equator Principles for lending banks and the national laws of Laos. The newly formed SED Division was charged with going beyond these regulations to provide conditions that allow people to achieve improvements in their education, health, infrastructure and livelihoods.

Socio-economic monitoring of villages in the project area (including those that have been resettled, or relocated and those less affected) shows that THPC programs have had a positive impact over the first five years of work under the expansion project. Good progress has been made in various fields, including supply of electricity to households, food security, reduction of work load on women, road access, and water supply. Positive trends are also noted in areas such as healthcare accessibility and land ownership, but the company is looking to improve results across parts of the program, including nutrition and diarrhoea incidence among children.

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