about thpc

The Theun-Hinboun Power Company is owned by three companies: EDL-Gen of Laos with 60%, and GMS International and SN Power, each with a 20% stake. THPC currently employs about 200 people, at the main project compound in Khammouane, in social program offices around the project area, and at the head office in Vientiane. Over 99% of personnel are Lao.

Operation of the power plant is subcontracted to SN Power while financial management is handled by GMS. THPC is governed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee.

The company is dedicated to developing Lao hydropower resources in the most efficient and sustainable way to help the country expand its development possibilities. We believe well-managed hydropower projects can bring long-term benefits to the people and the environment around the project area, as well as to the national economy.