IMG 6464The Theun-Hinboun Power Company was able to use the good fortune and generosity of friends and business partners to make a donation of US$1,500 to Vientiane Rescue Service in late June.

The initiative behind the donation came from Mr Seng Thammavong of the Long Thep Ice Factory. At two separate golf tournaments this year, Mr Seng won vouchers entitling him to a discount from Lao Ford City when buying a new car.

Knowing that THPC had previously supported Vientiane Rescue, and that the company was planning to buy new vehicles from Lao Ford City, Mr Seng gave the vouchers to THPC on the condition that they be used to support the rescue service.

Lao Ford City generously offered to accept the transfer of the vouchers to THPC and to facilitate a discount that that would lead to a $1,500 donation to Vientiane Rescue. Vientiane Rescue representatives visited the THPC office on June 22 to accept a cheque from Mr Seng and the THPC General Manager, Robert Allen Jr.

Staffed mainly by volunteers, Vientiane Rescue (ໜ່ວຍກູ້ໄພ ມູນນິທິ) is a free emergency and rescue service that has won many admirers for its work in helping the victims of accidents in and around the capital. People needing emergency assistance can contact the service by telephoning the special 1623 number.